Guys, Body- building: Which division should I enter?

I'm an amature body- builder, and next year i'm entering my third competition This question isn't asking if you like or dislike the appearance of female body- builders.

Should i go in for the Fitness division or Physique division?

The following images are of Gladys Portugues in her prime, who i admire very much. Picture A is what i will look like if i go in for the Physique category , and picture B is what i will look like if i go in for the Fitness category

A Physique

Guys, Body- building: Which division should i enter?

B Fitness


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  • Either one, both look great. But you have to go with hair-do B!

    • Haha! It's a little outdated , but i'll think about it lol Thanks for commenting , i appreciate it πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

    • No problem😊 Good luck in your competition!

    • Thank you very much ! πŸ‘

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  • B B B

    I think bodybuilding competitions should only be for women not men

    • Why is that? 😊

    • Don't think it's a very 'manly' thing to do.. Shaving bodyhair, putting tan on... And having low bf%

    • They only do that just prior to entering a competition.

  • Whichever divsion Michelle Lewin is in.

  • Physique division

  • Do what you think will bring you the most fulfillment, the real question should be: Are you single and if so can I take you out? Either way you would be quite impressive so it really depends on how happy you think you would be. Men will think you are beautiful regardless of which you do.