I am like shy as hell, but like does that put guys off or?

I am ridiculously shy when it comes to people, guys especially, and I've never had a boyfriend or been kissed or anything like that. Like I'm just wondering does being shy out a guy off or is it something else?

sorry typo, i meant put, not out


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  • Its not that being shy is a "turn off" its just that we are more likely to notice the girls who are talking to us and flirting with us, etc. than the girls who are being quiet, closed off, and not even making an effort to converse with us.

    I, for one, find shyness really cute in a girl, but the fact of the matter is that even though i like shy girls, I'm less likely to notice them than the girls who are actually talking to me.

    What i like is when a girl has a shy personality, but musters up the courage, just once, to talk to me. And who are shy around everyone else, but eventually open up to me.


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  • some guys like that.


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  • Well , it certainly doesn't showcase your talents , your personality or character , as it is kept hidden. But many guys are not scared by that. As long as you come out of your shell before the wedding ;-)

    I mean , I'll need to go do more research as to why people are shy , is it fear of saying the wrong thing , or appearing inadequate , clumsy or fear of rejection or ridicule?

    We need to care less about people's reaction or possible miscues , or their hurful gossip or shaming.

    Let go and relax and don't be afraid... love will find you


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  • I didn't get my first kiss or boyfriend till I was 18 (this year). It's no big deal at all when it happens, but being shy wouldn't be the reason why it hasn't happened yet. I'm quite shy and reserved yet my boyfriend can be a bit of a party animal which used to make me feel insecure until he explained to me that it's more than okay to be shy, and that he finds it quite adorable 😊