I am afraid to touch my eye when trying to put contacts?

Any advice... I get really scared when my finger are so closed to my eyes? I am a first timer...


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  • Look away, that's what I did when I first got contacts.

    Like look to the side when you put them in, you'll eventually get used to it, and soon won't even need a mirror to put them in or take them out

    • but when I am at the doctors they say i have to look.

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    • If you do it properly, it will just stick to your eye, like a suction cup type of thing.

    • Make sure it has enough solution on it, have it so the contact is facing up on your finger, so it looks like a bowl

      Then you could just lightly put it in your eye, and the suction cup thing should take care of the rest

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  • If you wet your finger a bit, the contact will still keep on your finger, but if your finger touches your eye it shouldn't irritate your eye.


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