Something really awkward happened to me today and I don't know what to do about it?

It is the second day of high school for me and my math teacher got as all to circle up and say our names with an adjective that starts with the same letter of your name.
here's the catch, as you go around in the circle you have to remember everybody's name...
I was more than half away around the circle and people around me didn't mess up at least as bad as I did. I forgot the girl's name who was standing next to me who JUST said her name and I also sit next to her for assigned seatings. I know she is going to hate me from now on because I did that and I feel so bad gahh.
Plus my crush whom I've never talked to was in that class and I felt so embarrassed being in that situation. Especially around him!
plus I messed up so much on this game with other people's names!
How do I deal with it? And what should I say to the girl because honestly I feel so bad!!


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  • I too had to play this game... Hate it! Messed up equally if not worse than you. Just tell them sorry and that you're bad with memory. It's all you can do. They won't be mad at you, it happens


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  • Lmao I bet people just thought it was funny and just apologize to the girl... I bet she's not angry at all but actually I think she doesn't even care. Compliment your crush briefly... like say you like his hair, shoes or whatever then ask for his name. Lol I don't think anyone cares and u r just paranoid.


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