Could I be pregnat?

downloaded a period tracker app on my phone and it told me that My ovulation day was 2 days ago; my boyfriend and I have been trying to havea baby for a ffew months now but we never were able to see each other on my ovulation day except for this week. So we had sex a few times that night maybe 4 throughout the day and everytime we had sex he came inside me... So my question is ; what are our chances? Last month we thought I was because my period was so late and we both got so excited so when my period did come is was upsetting... I just don't want to get our hopes up again and it not be true. I know I would need to see a doctor or get a take at home test if I miss my period or I'm late ; I just want I have some kind of opinions before that.. Thank u (:


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  • It's too soon to tell. I can't predict the future for you. There's a chance, of course.

  • It's likely that you are, I'd do a home test first, and then depending if you're still not sure go see a doctor