You buy a lottery ticket and win the jackpot, What would you do with the money?

What would you buy? Would you donate? Would you take holidays?

Bonus question:Would you take it as a lump sum payment or recurring payments over A fixed number of years?
I personally would donate $100,000 to a local children's hospital, buy 2 cars, pay loans and bills off, then store the rest up for a disaster


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  • Depends on how much I win. I'd probably do stuff like:
    ~Fix little things around the house
    ~Buy a new chicken coop for the girlies :)
    ~Invest in land, maybe build a house for income
    ~University fees
    ~Maybe a holiday to Iceland
    ~Donate to an aviary I know
    ~Buy my friends a little something each
    ~Donate some to my school (got my amazing results yesterday)
    ~Put the rest aside, only taking little bits out, only when I really need it.

    • Sounds like a good plan.

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    • Lots of people here in the US lose it that way

    • Thanks for MHO! I seem to be getting more and more of them these days :)


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  • creativity FTW

    i'd use 'em to make money towers since they'd be too many and i wouldn't know how to spend 'em

    and of course i'd use my coins to xperience money-baths:

  • I'd buy myself a nice home and a nice car and a nice motorcycle.
    I'd pay off my best friend's mortgage.
    My girlfriend's father could retire, and I'd take her family and mine on a nice vacation.
    I'd buy a few buy-to-let properties.
    I'd make a donation to the Rumball Foundation for the Deaf.

    The rest would go into the bank.

  • Start some projects that i wish to do, they are varied, so some will try to develop social aspects and others are focused on providing some outcome.

    But yes, i would make good adventures throughout the world and invest in me too.
    But i dont care too much about bigs cars and houses. Jus want to realize some dreams and help changing things.

  • I'd immediately give half to my brother since without him I don't know where I'd be. The rest I'd donate, give to friends and family, travel, and invest. And use enough to pay for school.

  • First things first. Porsche 991 C2 GTS. Grey metallic. Manual. Sports chrono, PASM, PCCB. Red seatbelts.

    I'll figure everything else out while I wait for my car's delivery.

  • Start my own business. Rent a space in a big city, and hire a dozen people or so to work on making manga and anime.

  • 1. I would buy 50 women
    2. A big house to live with those women
    3. Camera equipment to film the everyday orgy with those 50 women
    4. Make a DVD out of the material and send it to all my ex's

    'Here you cheap slut! You can't be better than them!'

  • Pay off all debt, then I would probably start a business. :-D

    • What kind of buisness

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    • Great idea, Maybe you will get celebrity kids

    • I'm almost certain that I will!

  • I would go traveling

  • make a house. build a farm. build a store. donate to charity.

  • Create a real estate company.

    • Great idea!

    • It's all about making money then setting yourself up to make more money and over a consistent long period of time.

    • Yes very true. Real Estate is one of the safest investments, if done right.