Death by poison in my story, lameeee?

Okay, I'm not telling you the entire story..
But the girl gets jealous of another girl who the guy she's in love with likes more than her..
She starts to hate him because he gives her too much emotional pain hahahaha
Not something I should laugh about.. And it's my story yuck.
Anyways, she puts some sort of poison in his drink and instead of offering him the drink so that the dude can die and she can live happilyyyyy
She drinks the poison and she dies.. Aww How sad.. Or is
it? I don't know, tell me.. Is it the lamest idea everrrr or whaaaaat?


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  • After that the guy took a dagger and killed himself too because he was secretly in love with her. Now we have a kinda Romeo and Juliet like ending. Or no one dies and the girl just gets depression takes drugs and alcohol and spends her life under a bridge. I prefer this one and u would have more to write. She could get raped robbed or put into prostitution... I know I have one of my dark days today xD feeling a bit down and listening to the wrong music.


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  • The question is whether it makes sense for her to do that.

  • Just a little cliche. i could see the ending a mile away lol. just had to be honest

  • I don't know

    What type of poison?

  • It would be better if he new and switched tge drinks


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