Why is this guy so willing to watch my friend's baby all the time?

I think it's really weird but I feel like I have no right to say anything cause it's not my kid. This guy goes out of his way to watch her son for nothing in return (as in no sex from her or money or anything). He has tried getting with her but she told him straight up she doesn't like him. But he still comes around and watches her kid? I just think it's weird. Do you think he might be a pedo or he just really cares about her? He seems nice and i'm 50/50 on the creep vibes.


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  • he's probably just a lame guy who can't get laid. like the first give away was he wanted to get with a women with a kid. that has loser written all over it.


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  • He cares about her.


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  • Since your friend said straight up that she wasn't interested he may be just trying again to get with her or will try to get revenge. Volunteer to keep an eye on her and her child instead of him next time. And look into buying a taser and/or pepper spray.

  • It's suspicious.. and I would think the same in the reverse case. Something is not right.

    There are men and women out there who seek out single parents to abuse their children. Physically and sexually.