Does scent (any) bring back memories for you?

Any kind of scent.


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  • It may sound slightly bad.. but the scent of cigar smoke
    brings back so many memories of my late father.

    He always had that smoke/fatherly scent around him.

    Also, a certain cherry perfume, which my
    first crush was known for, can't help to reminish
    everytime I catch the scent of cherries now.

    And then lastly, the smell of the ocean
    brings back memories I don't recall.


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  • OMG yes! Tranquil breezes from VS reminds me of my senior year in HS good times!

    • Thanks for the MHO! I wish they still made that scent but I had some great memories😊


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  • Of course. When I breath in the scent of the ocean it brings me back to the time when I used to go with all of my friends to the beach and everyone brought something. Some brought meat, some brought fruits, some brought beer, I always brought a watermelon and one guy brought a Grill with more meat. I played guitar and seduced my crush back then.. it was such a happy time. But now a lot of them are studying really hard and/or moved away.. I dont have that much time either. We still have a Whatsapp group and sometimes give eachother a call but we all miss the times. Maybe after we reached our goals we get back to this tradition.. I miss hanging out with them.

  • yes, the scent of wild jasmine, always reminds me of my now deceased best friend

  • yeah scent of onion reminds me that awful smell in my dorm bathrooms


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