GAGers, any New School Year/ Work Year resolutions?

Mine is certainly to live life to the fullest and not let myself be held back by stress anymore.

And this goes for my work, hobbies and social life :)


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  • Lol no resolutions are a joke and a waste of time, though I won't lie they certainly are great for making money off of people especially the resolution gym people. You see em literally maybe twice then never again.

    • Lol ok :)

      Although if u do commit to them, resolutions can bcome a reality.

      i see what u mean though

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    • Congratulations but I am talking about the majority of people lol.

    • lol ok

      Hmm most people i dont think they do

      But i hope someday they will 😄

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  • it's a long list actually.
    1. two projects for university, that are due for September.
    2. more exercise (jogging, running, lifting weights, maybe take up a new activity)
    3. become a regular blood donor
    4. fix my sleep schedule
    5. driver's license for car and motorbike
    6. get a licence to teach English
    7. pass my french exam so I can get a certificate
    8. finish university
    9. decide what I want to study for the next academic year
    10. organise my messy life

    • Well it is nice to have a wide list of goals. But dont forget to take step by step.

      I say this because I tend to get overwhelmed when I set too many goals at once.

      But those are great ones! Hope u achieve them.

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    • You're welcome :)

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  • I'm spending the next three years at uni. I'm going to work hard, as I want to graduate with a 1st. Nothing less!

    I'm going to play hard, as well! Have some fun and cram as much into my leisure time as I can.

    I'm going to sleep well every night!

  • Since I'm about to start a cool job and earn relatively decently, I'm most def gonna gain weight and hit the gym. A shame my metabolism works too well... but still

  • Yes no resolutions for myself but i wish you the best in schooling/ work
    that you may have to do i hope it all goes great for you 😁😝😜👅👍👌

  • What you said is pretty much my life goal. I don't have one for this year though.


What Girls Said 2

  • Don't think I have any.. but summer is coming so school is ending soon

  • Mine is to get a boyfriend by 21 (which I turn in February)... I need a partner when I hitup Vegas lol