What to ask/say to a friend that is in jail?

I have a really good friend that is in jail.

He CHOSE to say that he was responsible for something he DIDN'T DO so he's brother could avoid a longer sentence (his brother has a huge history with breaking laws).

I decided that I am going to make him a visit but what can I ask him? He doesn't deserve to be there but still and to ask him how he is is dumb.

I'll appreciate your help.


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  • Buy some books for him to read cause he will probably have a lot of spare time on his hands. You might also consider praying for him or bringing him a cd player with songs you put on. Maybe an ipod would be better than a cd player. I believe jails have rules on what kind of gifts you are allowed to bring - you can't bring anything that can be turned into a weapon or create a suicide risk for the in mate which means if you bring a cd player - you cannot bring one that has wires attached to it. Ask the prison if you are allowed to bring music devices and what kind of device you can bring. Its a lot of money but it is worth it cause your friend is going to suffer a lot in prison.


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  • You don't say anything.
    You don't say "how he's dumb".
    I know what you think , but that's the road he has chosen and it is something that he must wear for the rest of his life. He chose the shackles and you as a good friend is just be there till the end if you want.

    I think whatever you are gonna tell him , he probably already asked himself a dozen times already.

  • Tell him to not take the hit for his brother, his brother was in fault not himself, get him to stop covering for him

  • Or maybe tell law enforcement the reality of the situation...

    • And get his scrum bag brother to confess.

  • Just go talk to him ask him and if re doesn't have a girlfriend maby show a little skin


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