If you were to plan your own funeral what would it be like?

What music would you play? Who would be invited? What kind of food would you be serving? Is there going to be a piñata?

  • Make it into a party
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  • Make it the most boring event ever and super sad
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  • Skip the funeral and just bury/creamate me
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  • Music: I'll hire a cover band to sing "I Saw Your Mommy (And Your Mommy's Dead)" by Suicidal Tendencies and instruct the lead singer to point at my children whilst singing the chorus.

    Guests: Free for all

    Food: I'll have it catered to look like my body parts so that people are reminded of me even when they're eating.

    Finale: Before everyone leaves, someone pushes a button that opens my casket and props me up. I would be holding a sign that says "I'm back Bitches!" (In calligraphic writing)

    • This is super disturbing and I love it. It would be great to record everything so it can be enjoyed and hated all over the internet.

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    • This is a beautiful plan. I'm tempted to steal the music idea. That's brilliant XD

    • If you legitimately do it Gimme props ;-) @InconspicuousBox

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  • none of these options.

    i want it to be tranquil. a tranquil and nostalgic celebration of my life.

    • My grandmother we just had a celebration of life service, no casket, no body, no expensive funeral. It was pretty much a church service like 30 minutes in length. Sweet and simple

  • Party Down with a Celebration of my life, @psychomonkey, and Anyone who would like to come is welcome in my Bereavement book.
    However, I also have thought about dying one day in Egypt if God would deem this for me to do. xx

  • Hmm I dont want to plan THAT 😐😶

    Id only say burn me into ashes. Surely dont want my body being eaten by worms underground.

    And write my will bforehand.

    Other than that I dont want anything else to do with my funeral.

    • Lets have nice old fashioned bonfire and make s'mores

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    • Haha ok

      Fair enough

      Nice disturbed mind

    • My grandmother was cremated

  • Everyone would have to dress evil.. witches or vampires.

    • I can tell there's going to be a dark and creepy vibe. I would like to join cause I have eye contacts that are perfect for this.

    • Haha.. cool 😊

  • Skip the funeral. I don't want to be insulted by having a bunch of people who never cared act like they give a shit for a few hours.

    • Damn I was hoping for an invite. 😢

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    • Not that I se lowly of you, but I see highly of her. She's freaking awesome, and I would only allow her the best. Do I want to know why you plan to spend the night with my corpse?

    • How do you you know I'm not the best? And I want to have a tea party with you.

  • There wouldn't be a funeral.


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  • It would be small, simple, open to anyone who wants to come I'll be buried in at least a decent wooden coffin, beside my family in a nice plot in a countryside cemetery were there is a nice view of the wheat fields and a sunrise/sunset.

    Frank Sinatra's I did it my way will be playing in the background.

    Cigars will be handed out to those that want them.

  • order some pizzas, have a pinata of Donald Trump and plenty of soda at mine lol

    • If your mother was creamated then she's going to miss out on the zombie apocalypse. And I had to like your comment cause pizza is the love of my life.

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    • A Bernie Sanders Pinanta would work too

    • Nah Bernie is too ignorant for this but he is really hollow on the inside.

  • Simple. Ghusl, jannazah, bury.

  • I'd rather be recycled. Maybe used to fertilize some tomatoes or something.

    • YEAH THAT'S SUPER COOL! you can have your name written on the ingredients of a brand name fertilizer >:O