Is this behavior still OK? What would you do in my Position?

So I currently work as a teacher's assistant at an English learning center for young kids (3-10). I often assist a European coworker, an older man, when teaching younger kids (3-5). In the classroom, he often uses swear words. Fuck, idiots, are two of his favourites. He usually uses them when talking to me (not directed at me), but with the kids present in the room.

I usually just think, "I'm new here, and these kids don't know that they're swear words anyway." But then yesterday he actually said "idiot" TO one of the kids.

What should I do? On one hand, I don't think it's appropriate to cuss in front of and especially TO the kids. On the other hand, the kids don't even know all the animal names yet, so...


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  • Lol I suggest not saying anything because you're just going to cause unnecessary problems... let's be honest the kids are going to learn bad words faster when they get on the Internet, it's not like how it was back then hell I didn't even know what a hoe was until I was 15 and 69 was just a number...


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  • I think you should report that to someone in a higher up position.
    He shouldn't be talking to young children like that.


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  • i´d propably try to tell the kids that this behavior is wrong, when he´s not there.


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  • It's not because some kids don't know what it means, that they aren't going to say it.
    I'd talk to the teacher about it, because that's not really educational. Now if the kids see thi behavior, they think it's okay to swear and curse if you're moody

  • You're weird. We're in 2015. Every child knows swear words. The fact you consider "idiot" a "cuss" word makes me think you grew up in a bubble or something.

    • Thanks for insulting me.
      They are definitely not good words to teach young kids. If you think they are, you're the one with a Problem.

    • No one is teaching kids anything. Gosh.

    • what redneck trailorpark have you been brought up in? yeah they will learn those words utlimately but why would a respectable person (teacher) use those words and thereby teach the kids that those words are respectable things to say? man some people need to think about what they say for at least a minute...