I'm unusually sad about the end of my vacation?

I took a vacation to Mexico and today is my last day here. I went with my aunt (in-law) and uncle and stayed with them (my aunt is originally from here and owns a condo here). I went to a discotheque with my aunt's nephew and a few of his friends for the first time and it was probably the most fun I've ever had. Since I recently turned 18, I am legal to drink here, and I drank the night away. We were supposed to go out again Saturday but plans got cancelled and I was so upset I wanted to scream. Now I'm so disappointed I have to leave only having gone once to the discotheque. There's nothing like it in the U. S. for people under 21 (as in being able to go clubbing without using a fake ID). I find myself feeling like I'll never attain the level of happiness I felt that night. Also, my aunt's nephew had a friend that was super cute that I danced and chatted with and I want to see him again. I'm so disappointed I didn't to go out with him again. How do I get over feeling sad and nostalgic about my vacation ending and stop dwelling on/idealizing this trip to the discotheque? I know it's not the biggest deal but I'm so mad I can't go to the discotheque again before I leave.


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  • its totally normal, we all go through it but it passes.


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  • Discotheques and boozing are not the most interesting things in life. I hope you visited at least the most important cultural monuments in the state were you stayed.

    • Never did I imply that drinking and clubs were the most interesting things in life. It was just nice to let loose before getting back into my normal, monotonous routine.

  • That's unusual.

    • Yeah maybe. I'm an unusually nostalgic person about everything from childhood memories to things like this I guess.

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  • You had an awesome time so it's normal to not want to go and to stay longer. I was like that when I went to LA. You can always visit again as soon as you possibly can.