Not an a electronics guy... so would you help me?

I know this will sound crazy... my nephew has an ipad mini which the screen has been cracked when he dropped it on the ground. Now he wants me to get him a new screen for his ipad mini. So i am not sure wich model number i go by to bue him a new screen and digitizer... I have found a model number on the back of the ipad and i have found a different model number when i turn on the ipap. i am not sure which model number to use to order on online. I need you r help on this one... Thank you


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  • All I want to say that if your nephew is 12 or younger, he shouldn't be having any of that shit.

  • Well I advise you not to fix it yourself. Ipad can't be just replaced with a new screen when it breaks. It's not easy. Take it to the electronic repair shop or use the warranty to get a new one at the apple store.