Why do a large portion of Asians want to be white?

Why do a lot want to not look like an Asian but like a white person? I've noticed it's mostly East Asians (Korea, Japan, Taiwan) but also some Chinese and East Indians who are nearly almost as obsessed as the East Asians with bleaching their skin so they can pretend they're white people. Don't forget the double eyelid surgery that is a status symbol and is what is seen as beautiful while the monolid is seen as ugly. You'll also notice the vast majority of Asian women will prefer a white man to an Asian man! So why are a lot so self hating about who they are as a race and as a people? Why don't they love how they look and why do they deem how they are naturally born as inferior to how white people look?


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  • Why are white people the global standard of beauty? No hegemony there. No sir.

    • So they question remains, why out of every race do they embrace it and consider their own appearance ugly the most out of all other races? They don't even try to fight it or hide it.

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    • Where the lighter your skin is, they better you are treated and the more opportunities you get. Not a hard concept to wrap your head around. And Asians partake in it the most, and the most openly.

    • So then you know how it affects people in African and Hispanic communities as well.

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