A guy tried to enter my car and boyfriend said I should've stayed there and I over reacted?

I was driving home from dinner last night when I turned onto the road this guy on a push bike was down the end. When he saw my car he got off his bike left it in the middle of the road and stood there, I slowed down and as I for closer he walked towards my car with his arms out in a come at me fashion clearly aggressive, I froze and locked my doors and he started running to the drive side so I reversed my car and did a big u turn and drove off and called the police. Anyway my boyfriend today at first have me a hug but later on said I over reacted in calling the police and he may have needed my help so I should of waited until he got to my door to see what happened. I got upset and said I'm never going to tell him anything and he called me an idiot. When I left he said I should know if I was ever in danger he would be the first to do something about it and never let anyone hurt me and kissed me. I feel real hurt though he said I over reacted and shouldn't have gotten scared especially since I was in the car alone. Did I over react?


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  • U didn't over react because its far from normal activity to drop a bike and try to open the car door of a girl driving down the road! If he needed help he'd have been shouting for help and if he's capable of riding a bike then what help did he need? Did u think u had a puncture kit in the car for push bikes. Its a little inconsiderate of your boyfriend to say this as it must have scared u at the time, he should have been more understanding towards u over it.


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  • I don't think your overreacted at all! I would have done the same thing!