Guys, is it a turn-off if a girl gets bruised easily?

My skin is very sensitive. One strong grab and it'll turn red. One stronger grab it'll get bruised. But I like rough play-fights and rough sex...

After a rough sex my body would be all red and bruised in some parts. So is this a turn-off?

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  • Omg it's so cute/hot/adorable!!!

    It just shows how delicate, soft and feminine your can physically be and it's quite the turn on for some men.

    We would start to get the feeling of being a guardian/protector in our subconscious which would bring about an attraction/attachment towards you as we are doing so.

    • Aww I love this answer! hahah I like it when guys try to protect us girls, it makes us feel safe ^.^

    • @Asker

      You can't be cute AND wanna get tossed around the room like a fucktoy, ya know.

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What Guys Said 5

  • As long as it doesn't show up in a way that makes it look like I'm abusing you, it can be a turn-on. Leaving your butt bright red after a spanking would be visually appealing. You know, if someone was into that...

    • oh I am so much into that lol. If only I found the right guy to do it with. They're all so scared to hurt me.

    • I was that way too. And then someone told me, "There's no possible way you can hurt me as much as I want you to, using just your hand." Then I started reading perspectives of other people who were really into that, how the pain was a rush, and how being held afterward made them feel completely cared for. That helped me understand, and while it's not my default sexual role, it's one that I've really come to enjoy playing.

    • it's so nice to know there're some guys who understand girls like me haha.
      "how being held afterward made them feel completely cared for" this is exactly true and awesome.

  • Yes, it's a turn-off, because people get suspicious when a woman is bruised, especially if they know she has a man.

  • Slightly turn off, I wouldn't feel like bruising her and rather be gentle. But that's OK if she herself wants it.

  • I don't know why people think it's a turn on. If I left a girl bruised I'd feel bad.

  • That's sexy


What Girls Said 1

  • It's neutral.

    • yeah but im just scared that he'll blame himself becoz of it.. like he'll feel like he's abusing me or something.