Even though Chris Christie has mob ties would you still vote for him?

Christie has mob ties to the Genovese crime family but would be a great war president and make sure teachers get paid less so would you still vote for him?

  • Yes fuck teachers. They should make minimum wage like Christie suggests. The mob you say? Meh so what.
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  • Hmmm nah I will pass
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  • I don't think so.


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  • There's also Bridgegate in which an elderly woman died in an ambulance. Pass big time.

    • But he makes a kick ass lasagna!


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  • I don't think you even need to make the poll biased to dissuade people from saying yes. It's common knowledge that he's a scumbag.

  • Teachers work for dirt. So underpaid.

    • It's a shame too. A congressman makes almost two hundred k and their wealth grows mysteriously over a million dollars annually yet an average teacher makes less than 50k. Funny that Christie thinks minimum wage plus possible bonuses would be fitting for a teacher.

  • Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright, anyone?

  • is this supost to be serous or another smear?

    • Smear would infer that I typed something untrue. It's common knowledge that Christie and his brother (whom I lived next to for a while) visited the Genovese crime family while imprisoned.

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    • the deal they are trying to do gives them nuclear stuff and lets them inspect themself.

      dont worry im not voting for christy. it was cool going at it with you dude :) but im out im chatting up this chick now.

    • Well the deal does not do that. Fox news says it does and the war machine is sure putting that out there. Enjoy and hope you get some!