What to do if you're losing interest but aren't dating her yet?

Ok, so I thought I liked this girl. She was sweet and shy and kind and all. I managed to get her number and we texted a bit, me more than her. It just seems a bit like she isn't that interested, which makes me uninterested. But we text often. I dont want to just stop texting her and seem like a jerk. How can I subtley break ties with her I guess and let her know I am no longer interested?


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  • If you're not even dating her then you have nothing to feel bad about!

    • Well she is a co-worker and she might give me guilt over it.

    • I don't think so. Just stop texting her. It doesn't even sound like she's that interested either

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  • Just fade off leave longer and longer gaps between your texts


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  • slowly stop contacting her.


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