Does anyone else feel high like at 3 am?

I've never been high but I feel like this is what it would be like


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  • Lol you needa get some sleep bro.

    And um you probably feel that way because you get sluggish and sleepy etc.

    When you get high it's kinda the same thing except everything's funny to you and you feel like you're spinning. OH. and you suddenly wanna empty your fridge of everything.

    but um yeah sounds familiar? 😂 i guess 3 am is as close as you can get to being high without blazing.


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  • Lol Don't do drugs man it ruins your life and trust me it's no good for you stay in school and do your homework. I know from experience it may look cool to you since you're young but it really messes you up but if you do want to be an ignorant fool drink vodka or any strong drinks and get cross faded or else you're a pussy

    • I'm not gonna do drugs or drink and stuff I don't even swear unlike every. Other 10th grader

    • Don't be self righteous asshole either man it's not good for your health

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  • I'm usually awake at this time, but eh not really.. just sleep deprivation for you I guess since u don't seem to be awake at this time often.

  • I'm just hyper.

  • Waking up at 4 am feels like you just got hit by a truck of weed while taking Molly while being injected by heroin, so the answer to your question is... Yes


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