When should I change my nose piercing?

I got my nose piercing on the 4th of July. Well on the 29th it will have been 8 weeks. I got some new piercings to change out when it is time. Now I am growing impatient. I am getting conflicting information. Some places say to not change them out until 4 weeks, some 6 weeks, some 8 weeks. My piercer suggests 12 weeks. I really don't want to wait 12 weeks. Throughout the whole healing process I have not gotten any infection or irritation. I have left it not clean for weeks at a time (not on purpose) but still did not get an infection. I have accidentally pulled it out and put it back in about 10 times with no ill effect. So in the end it is healing exspremely fast and very well. What do you guys suggest to wait for it to heal before changing piercing?

  • 4 weeks
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  • 6 weeks
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  • 8 weeks
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  • 10 weeks
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  • 12 + weeks
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  • You should wait until it has FULLY healed before changing it.