Which country or place do you Americans hate or dislike the most?

Which country or place do you Americans hate or dislike the most? North Korea? Russia? Iran? Palestine? Cuba?

  • North Korea
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  • Russia
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  • Iran
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  • Palestine
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  • Cuba
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  • Other (specify with opinion)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Right now probably Palestine

    • Sorry but I have to disagree.

    • Americans don't like Palestine at all though @sjoes006

    • That's your opinion you certainly don't speak for the whole of the country and certainly not for the current administration.

Most Helpful Guy

  • It's a tough call:
    --North Korea: Truly evil and dastardly and makes Stalin's Russia look like a summer vacation. But far away for most Americans. My wife was from Seoul and the stories she would tell about how those goons would occasionally lob an artillery shell over the border. High on my list.
    --Russia: Not anymore. In fact, Putin is more capitalistic that the wretched Obamunist Ohministration we have now. He's a tyrant, but his ambitions--to take back Ukraine and the "near abroad" where ethnic Russians live--are understandable. No longer high on my list, now low on my list.
    --Iran: An alien ideology that rejects progress and is bafflingly incomprehensible at times. High on my list.
    Palestine: Savages that no how much foreign aid given to them, just want to keep on killing Israel and still dream of Holocaust 2.0. High on my list.
    --Cuba: Only 90 miles away rather than 9,000 miles away, so high on my list. We also have symp-dupes in our academia and media who used to fellate the Sandinistas and Hugo Chavez, they get off on any Latin commie goon. I really loathe those "Americans".
    --Everybody else is pretty cool, really. :)

    • Yes. Definitely a very tough call between these 5 countries.


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What Girls Said 4

  • I'll go with good old Russia. They do everything the opposite.

  • I don't really hate any country lol. Just because things work differently in one place doesn't make it wrong.

  • Why is this guy obsessed with Palestine?

  • in my opinion Ameticans want to help Palestine. He situation is really getting out of hand. It isn't something we like to talk about because it pisses off the Jewish population which we don't want to do but they are in the wrong at this point. Not that Palestine is completely innocent but the average citizens of Palestine deserve better than what they are getting and things certainly aren't improving or maintaining the status quo. It is continuously getting worse.

    • What are you talking about? Americans hate Palestine and fully support Israel 110%. Americans love Israel. They are one of their closest allies.

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    • Americans still love Israel and hate Palestine though

    • It's really not about Americans "loving" Israel though. Israel is just a pawn of the American Government as It's the only democratic foothold we have in the Middle East. As for hating Palestine I actually feel for Palestine. All these displaced people without a real home. Imagine yourself in their shoes if for some power of the universe you were born Palestinian. This entire thread is a crime against being a decent human being.

What Guys Said 11

  • I hate none.. To say you hate an entire country based on the actions of their government is closed-minded and detrimental as a whole to the entire human species. There are hard-working, loving, compassionate people in all of those countries. It's this illusion to believe that there is an enemy or something to hate that will keep us from reaching the stars and stuck here on earth fighting petty wars and polluting our planet till it can take no longer and wipes us off the surface to start anew, without us.

  • Haters will hate. They'll hate even more when they're told to hate.


  • I don't personally hate these, but I'm generalizing to who we see as the biggest (potential) political enemy.

    • Who do you think is the biggest enemy of America then?

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    • (Looked up stuff on it) I didn't realize it was a sovereign state with defined territories. Now I know. Thanks.

    • Sovereign is certainly questionable at best. I think I prefer the term 'occupied' for Palestine presently but the international community is recognizing their right to be an autonomous nation free from occupation. It's just having that right realized that is the trouble.

  • I don't hate any country. Sometimes a country's government might be corrupt and evil but I won't hate their entire country for it. Civilians have nothing to do with most of that BS.

  • For me, Iran.

  • Right now I'm gonna have to say North Korea, We haven't made any efforts with them yet.

  • Whichever one hates America the most

  • I picked Other so i can say Mexico.

    • Not appropriate at all.

    • Mexico is an interesting pick. Especially after Trump, the hate against Mexico has gotten much stronger among Americans.

    • @Asker eh, iv'e always disliked Mexico.

      @sjoes006 why? is it appropriate to hate everyone else?

  • I picked Russia but I don't know if I hate any of them.

  • I don't think Palestine or Cuba should be on that list.

    Anyway, I'd have to say the Middle East in general. Hard to pick out a particular country when it's really the cultural traits of the region that are distasteful. Far too violent, far too hate-filled, bitter, and petty.

    Certainly the US has contributed to that and needs to look itself in the mirror, but they are still ultimately responsible for their violence.

    • I concur.

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    • If you're a minority then I believe you. If you're white then I find that extremely hard to believe. White people hate Palestine and Middle East.

    • So you're going to base your decision on what is or isn't true based upon your racial prejudices.

      You're a waste of time. Bye.

  • Just the Middle East in general because there's a lot of Christian hicks like "DANG OL' MUZZRAT TERRORISTS, WE GONNA BRING CHRISTIANITY TO THE WHOLE WORLD"

    • I don't hate the Middle East but I'd love to see Saudi Arabia disappear.

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    • I love Muslims they are some of my favorite people. I'd like to see the ruling class of Saudi Srabia disappear because of how they treat their people.

    • @sjoes006 Why? They support Palestine and hate Israel.