Should I go to the bar tonight?

everyone is going out and I am so tired
i don't want to miss out and a few girls have asked if I was going!

i also can go to a few frats if I want but I am hesitant to go cause my legs are sore af from squats!

So so should I go out drink and party! Or Netflix and chill by myself?

  • Go out you hermit! Go get laid!
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  • Stay in and chill, you need rest to make GAINZ, GAINZ =girls you win In The long run
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  • Lol at option A "go get laid" 🙈

    If I was in your situation, good chance I'll be doing option B

    • i am doing B
      i got 2 phone numbers today anyway so, i am closer to getting a girlfriend anyway...

      i might go out tomorrow
      any way next weekend is my friends birthday and we are taking molly!

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    • We don't call them Molly's, popping a pill or get wasted before the party etc

    • Hehe thank you for MH

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  • Go out. You may be tired, but you don't have to go hard tonight, just chill at the bar and talk to some ladies.


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  • Nah, if you're tired then stay home and do something relaxing. It's best for your body.

  • I don't know if anyone has told you this but you're 19 so bars are kind of out of the question for you...

    • It's called a fake ID and looking much older than you actually are

      I have gotten I to bars and gotten drinks without getting carded

      But the fake ensures I get in

    • Most bouncers at bars especially ones that people in their 20s hang out at use scanners that can detect fakes from real. And they card just about everyone that isn't near middle age.

    • mine scans my name bro, its super legit, i have cousins in florida and you couldnt tell the difference

  • Hmmm "Get shitfaced" or "Have sex with yourself"

    Decisions, decisions xD

  • Ultimately: Gaaiinnzz > everything else
    I have this rule for myself that I'm a YES-MAN (!) I don't wanna say no to anything, except if it's on a training day, cuz it'll destroy all kinds of gainz MAAAAAN!

  • I am going to tha GYM the best place on a Friday night because you get all yo shit to yo self baby! All those people don't have to face themselves but you, you get to say I made some MAJOR GAINZZ! instead of yeah I banged some chick... I can't even remember what she looked like.

  • I would stay in, just because some girls asked if you were going doesn't mean you would get laid anyway

    • yeah i know that, but i still want to see them, i could set something up in the future

      i am gonna netflix and chill in 30 minutes

  • Hopefully you took some Aleve and a Rockstar, and went out that night!

  • Are you thirsty

  • Go get laid.

    • haha, i just sent a mass text of "Netflix and chill" to all the girl contacts in my phone
      hopefully i can getthe best of both worlds!

    • Lol nice bro.