What does your handshake mean?

I've had people give firm, confident handshakes and others (even guys) that only extend their fingers and thumb so as not to touch your whole hand and others that practically hold hands with you cuz their grasp is light... Just wondering!
Do you guys shake a girl's hand differently than another guys? and vice versa?


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  • No, my handshakes for girls are the same as they are for guys. I generally have a pretty soft handshake. I think the main reason why I shake hands softly is me being a little "Japanese" there. When a guy shakes my hand in a very firm, strong way, I feel very uncomfortable. It makes me feel like he wants to impose something over me... like he wants to prove his power or supremacy over me. A very firm handshake makes me feel threatened and sort of "captured". So while I know that some men think firm handshakes are something great, I find them somewhat rude (especially if I don't know the person well). It like when you kiss somebody for the first time, you expect a gentle peck on the lips, you don't want them to stick their tongue all the way into your throat. I don't want to make other people (girls or guys) feel this way, that is why I have pretty soft handshakes myself. Plus, it just fits better to me. I'm a soft/gentle guy in general.

    • I know I said I prefer firm handshakes but your explanation makes a lot of sense to me. Especially the kiss analogy. So handshakes are a reflection of the person giving them, like you said you're a gentle guy

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  • I always give a firm handshake, that's one of the things my father was always on top of me, cause he always gets pissed when he shakes hands with a man and the other guy has a light grip.
    He always said "A man gives a firm handshake, that gives a good impression to the other person", and goddammit he was right xD

    • Haha yeah I usually get a good impression from a firm handshake too!

  • Ya I change my hand shake for girls

    • so, you make your grip much lighter then?

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  • I don't know what it means, but I prefer getting firm handshakes.
    I consider it more respectful for reasons unknown.