Is it messed up to post a video of someone else on IG?

So I got a summer job at a hardware store and there was this 18 year old kid we would all fck with. I love the kid I just give him a hard time. I have a compilation of me fcking with him. Throwing protein bars at him telling him to lift. We would call him to an aisle then I'd come out and scream and it scared the chit out of him every time. I have like 15 clips lol. I told him I posted it on snap chat which I did but I don't know about IG. He laughs along and he is the homie.. we just fck with him. Don't think he'd care lol.

  • You're a dick leave the poor man alone
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  • Post it bruh.
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I got 4k IG followers so a lot if people would see it.


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  • Seriously, you sound like a bully. What purpose does it feed to intimidate someone and make fun of?


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