Is it normal for contacts to hurt first time using them?

I just bought some new contacts and I tried to put them in for about an hour but I kept blinking. So, I got my mom to help me and when she out the contact in my eye started to burn and turn red so she mad me take it out. Is it normal for it to do this, or is my eye irritated because of it?


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  • I don't use contacts, but probably it's not normal that your eyes becomes red and starts to burn. I think you have got wrong contacts, but if you're not sure, best thing is to consult your doctor or someone who is specialised in these kinds of things. Also read the prescription they gave probably in a box. Good luck 😊.


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  • No, it is not normal. The first time you wear it, you might feel there is a foreign object there, but it shouldn't hurt or burn at all. With time, you will get used to it and you won't feel their existence in your eyes. You will be able to wear it quickly too.

    I guess you shouldn't let anybody help you because they won't be any better, and this will increase the possibility of contamination which is the cause of the burning feeling you felt in your eyes. So someons can just instruct you.

    Just wash your hands properly and dry them, wash the lenses throughoutly and make sure the figner you use to put on the lense is also dry so the lense doesn't stick to it. Also make sure the lense is on the right side so it forms a perfect half-sphere when on your finger. It just needs to touch the cornea, and then, it will be adjusted quickly by itself to fit your iris.


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  • I don't use them but I heard it's scratchy.


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