What do you do when you wake up feeling bad about yourself?

im not sure what it is, but after i moved my self esteem has decreased quite a lot. I feel unattractive pretty much all the time, i feel like im not getting enough sleep hence me having problems reading, im terrible with money and i almost always owe someone something, im desperate for a boyfriend in that sense that i really want one. but its only "visable" when i get drunk, so i keep it to a minimum, A

I wake up feeling bad about myself, and im not sure how to deal with it. So any advice?


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  • Focus on ways to get a better night sleep. Then you will be able to think straight during the day to resolve your opportunities for feeling good about yourself.


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  • Meditate. It will change your life and teach you how to control these negative thoughts


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  • honestly? masturbate.

    • I have tried, the only thing it does is remind me about how far I am from the real deal.. in addition its not that fun when you're rarely in the mood

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