How do animals know what to do in certain situations without communication?

I'm watching a natural program and there's a monkey alpha male and everyone needs to show him respect so he looks at every monkey and they chatter their teeth which shows a sign of respect... All the monkeys do it when the alpha looks at them.

how do they know what to do without communication?


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  • Just because they aren't using words doesn't mean they aren't communicating...

  • They know the same way we only to do things without being verbally told to


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  • It's about the vibes. You are 21 so you are supposed to know this already. With the right vibes, you can make some girls fall in love with you without you even saying a word to them. We humans are like animals so we do have their skills and instincts. I'm sure you understand what i'm talking about unless you are the kind of introverts who spend most of their times being alone.

    • I'm 19 haha and there's nothing wrong with being introverted

    • Of course there's nothing wrong with being an introvert. I'm an introvert myself and i spend a lot of time reading psychology and science books. I don't really like people and i hate spending too much time out with friends because i get bored and tired fast. But there are degrees to being an introvert. I struggled to become extroverted but couldn't, because there's no way to make a change. So you are what you are. But my struggles made me more sociable and even smarted than extroverted people at reading and comprehending subtle signs.