Is there anything wrong with me/am I doing anything wrong?

Ladies I do not understand what I am doing wrong or if there is something wrong with me. People tell me that I am a very attractive young woman to the point where they should tell me to model, I am always the kindest I can be to people. I have lived abroad my whole life and moved around a lot therefore it's had it's positives and negatives but I believe I am a culturally aware person who has no problem forming relationships with those who are "different". I have been to University (college) for a few years and always trying to broaden my intelligence. I try and be as "smart" as I can. However, I have an issue. Men come into my life and genuinely seem very interested in me long term. Actually they seem that genuinely interested that it's almost fake. I try and be their friend and lover at the same time, I am there for them and they are usually are for me as well. But.. suddenly out of no where months later they are gone. I don't understand if it's something I've done or what? Very confusing as they were so heavily involved with me and then bam, they're gone. I find the same thing with friends, we seem to have great friendships and then suddenly they've turned their back on me and even to the point of giving me the cold shoulder. I seem to always feel "targeted" because of this I guess. For example with my work, I am working for a domineering lady and I try and be as respectful and professional and she still seems to not have respect for me. I am open to all opinion and thoughts. Thanks!


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  • Sounds strange because you are really attractive like you say.

    If someone seems fake they usually are though. Maybe there are too many fake people in your life


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  • There must be some sort of pattern. Maybe you're hard to get to know because you're so attractive, understanding, and worldly. It can be intimidating. Maybe the people in your life feel they can never compare? Sounds stupid but we are insecure animals after all.
    I had a therapist once who said that his most attractive clients male or female tended to be the most lonely. When I thought about it, it kind of made sense. I looked back on high school days, and it seemed like the popular crowd weren't the most attractive or most talented people in the class... They were sort of the most average. Maybe slightly above average but not by much. I've shared this thought with people who went to different schools in different states and even countries and they noticed the same thing. I think we as a human race tend to favor the average. It makes the most sense to us. Something unusual disrupts our thoughts and we are either fascinated or intimidated. It could be that your provoked the fascination of these men at first, and once they got to know you and realized that you were just a human being like everybody else it wore off unfortunately. That is very sad. I can't think of anything else with the information given. I hope it changes for you soon :/


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  • Probably impossible for any of us to say, and it might be complicated to ask people like your friend, because they tend to be fleeting. What about friends who've been w/you for the long haul or your family?


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  • Well, truthfully, it's either everyone's being abducted by aliens, or it's you. I don't know you, so I wouldn't know what you're doing that's driving everyone away.