Girls, do you ever hate that people place your worth on your looks rather than your personality and your successes?


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  • I feel bad for girls cause lot guys right away judge a girls looks
    but they fail to take a look at a great personality a girl has kind
    of sad i know all too well. I like to say I want a girl with a pleasant
    personality and likes to smile, lacks sarcasm, can be bubbly
    kind heart.


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  • I don't personally feel that my worth is dependent on my looks and I don't feel that other people place my worth in that either. Generally speaking, I feel that I am valued more for my mind, judging by what my friends or other people have said about me.


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  • Yes. Society is too look based. Especially for girls. It's like if you're not pretty then it doesn't matter what your other accomplishments are. That's all they care about