Why do so many women "just friends" with guys so bad?

I ask because they are mainly the only ones that ask why. What is with this obsession?


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  • Because we like to have friends too, not just boyfriends!

    • What's wrong with just having female friends?

    • that's what other women are for

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  • so they can get all the benefits of a relationship without having to have sex with you. this is why you don't be friends with women unless she offers you something in exchange.

    • MHO right here + couldn't have said it better myself. Basically they want somebody to complain too but without having to putout which = a girl's dream LOL

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What Girls Said 3

  • Do you mean want to be just friends with guys?

    • Yes that's what I said

    • Eh, because guys are easier to talk to. I'm not great with girls and my best friend is a guy. I have 3 very close girl friends, but my other friends are usually guys. I don't have an obsession with having guy friends. I just get along better with them. I don't feel judged when I talk to them. I feel like I can actually be myself when hanging out with them.

  • Why not?

    Filler fillet filler

  • I had been crushing hard on this guy and when I approached him it was with the pretense of just being friends, hoping he'd develop feelings for me over time. It worked!


What Guys Said 1

  • They don't want to date you for whatever reason so they put you on hold in hopes that maybe over time they develop deeper feelings for you or they are in a better position to date you.

    It's equivalent to us guys having different girls we fuck and maybe eventually we will actually date one.

    • No. they put you on hold so if things go south with their "dream guy" they'd have a beta orbiter in the wings to go out with them when they near 30's.

    • @Roostah I basically said the same damn thing. The only difference is you added the "dream guy". Bout time they are 30 the guy will be 30 and married with kids. She'll get denied and look for guys my age now. That's why so many older women want guys my age, because they never got the "dream guy" they wanted and the "beta" dudes quit wanting her and denied her. She's lost. She turns to the young man because he wants to taste older vagina as a fetish. They both get what they want but the young guy still has time. The older woman just hopes she can find some older man and get lucky.