Gagers, was there any moment you were/had to be especially brave?

What was that moment in your life?

One of my bravest moments was definitely when my dog fell through the ice over a river as a puppy so I had to lay down flat on the thin ice so I could reach her to pull her out and I'm so glad I was able to save her life that way! 🐾


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  • Im a special forces paratrooper. Every parachute jump is a brave moment.

    • That's really cool! Makes you a hero :)

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    • A civilian jump is much different than a military one, especially with an expert with you.
      In the military you have two parachutes which means 25kg on your body, plus your bergen hanging from your waist another 20 to 25 kg plus your web gear under the main chute another 10 to 15kg plus your rifle in its special bag another 5 to 7 kg. All this weights more than yourself and they must pull you to help you get on your feet for both entering the plane and exiting it.

    • Wow that already sounds super heavy, I don't even think my legs could carry twice my weight omg but I can see how the adrenaline rush is kind of addicting ^^

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  • A very brave moment for me was when I went back to school for the second semester after leaving the clinic (psychiatric hospital) and doing cyber school for 2 months. For the first semester of my sophomore year, I left school only a month in after trying to commit suicide and went to a psychiatric hospital for a months time. I couldn't face going back to my old school just yet so I finished my first semester doing cyber school.

    I knew I couldn't hide out forever so I made the decision to go back to my high school even though I'd made a disappearing act for the past 4 months. It was hard for me to even step in the building and I hated that I had to face past bullies and see people who I'd stopped contact with. I knew they would assume where I was and I was scared that I would get bullied again. Even with all of this in my head, I still chose to go back.

    • I think that was very brave of you!
      I went through something similar but I changed schools after I was discharged and it was exactly because I lacked the courage you have!
      I hope it turned out well for you after you returned there?

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    • didn't want to leave my old one, but I knew I had to because it was only going to hurt me more if I stayed. I forced myself to say yes when asked if I wanted to go to my new school. I'm happy I did, though. I am much happier at it then I was at my old school. I don't like change, but I'm proud of myself for doing what was best for me.

    • Thanks for MHO! :)


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  • When my father was in the hospital after a serious stroke, we had to decide if we should pull the plug. He ended up dying anyway so we didn't have to make a final decision. But we still went through all the process. That's definitely the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

    When I did construction work I did some pretty dangerous stuff. Like walking 3.5 inch wide top plates that are 18-20 feet over concrete, rocks, and other debris. That's bad enough, but sometime if they aren't braced off properly it actually moves. That is REALLY freaky. It makes you wonder what the heck you got yourself into, because turning around isn't always an options, so you have to keep going.

    • I'm sorry for your loss :/
      But wow, I really think many people don't even know how dangerous construction work can be, hence don't even appreciate it!

    • He died ten years ago. So I'm over it, but thanks. :)

      Yea, construction is one of the most dangerous jobs. And framing houses is probably one of the most dangerous specialties in construction. It's not much of a stretch to say that every day when I went to work I knew I could die that day, or get seriously injured. We stayed safe by never ever forgetting that it's dangerous, no matter how tired we are. You can't afford to lose concentration, ever.

  • I was riding home and saw 5 people, 3 guys 2 girls, 2 of the guys were fucking with the other 1 guy, I rode up to them, got off my bike and diffused the situation. the 2 guys left with their girls.

    I don't think that's an especially brave moment but its the only one that comes to mind right now.

    your dog loves you :P

    • I think that's a perfect example of civil courage, there should be more people like you!
      & I think she does ^^

    • I refuse to live as a bystander and I feel like shit when I let moments pass lol.

      she totally does! she told me "woof woof!" :P

    • That's what Bert Macklin's been trained to do !
      He is a super hero and he does karate too !

  • I had jump off a waterfall while not knowing how to swim. Sh*t felt like falling down forever.

    Fist fight with my brother (4 years older than me)

    • Wow that sounds more like an attempt to suicide? 😱 how high was the waterfall?

      And yeah I feel you lol i have a lot of older cousins ^^

    • i don't know how high it was 😂

  • i wouldn't call it brave but fast action was needed. me and my buddy were driving by and saw a car fire that was spreading to an apartment building. so we got out of the car and started pounding on doors to get people out of their apartments. we were super stoned so it took us like ten or fifteen seconds to realize the seriousness of what was going on.

  • When I was walking from school, I was waiting to cross a very busy road during rush hour.

    Well, I saw a young boy probably around 3-4 years old run into the road and behind me I hear his mother running up and screaming his name, so I ran into the road also and picked up the child and ran quickly back to sidewalk. It was either that or something horrific would have happened...

    • Wow that was a good reaction to that situation of you!

  • I nearly died when on a canal boat for my family's holiday. It was for my dad, we were parking it and both of my parents had to do the pulling in thing, My mother broke her finger and my dad dropped the rope. My sister and I were playing Pokemon, I finished and noticed it was going into a waterfall and my parents were screaming and saying "love you" and crying nd shit, so my dad taught me how to drive it before and i saved us; the trip ended early but i basically saved 2 lives.

  • Yes, I had a life and death fight two times in my life. One after the other within consecutive days with a gang of 15 students at my university. It was very blank even though I faught well the first day but the second day they were organized.

    • You faught 15 guys on your own? :O

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    • I'm not attempting to ^^;
      But wow sounds like they've been pretty aggressive, I think you're lucky you're still alive!

    • I don't believe in luck. I believe in fate.

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  • Aw, that's awesome! Your puppy certainly would have done the same for you. :)

    My best friend decided to break up with her boyfriend, who was a bit of a jerk. She invited him over to do it and she had me wait quietly in the other room just in case he became angry or violent. He didn't, but I was more than ready to defend her if he did.

    • Haha no doubt about that! :)

      But wow, I think she's lucky to have you as a friend!

  • I can recall quite a few times that are too personal to share with random strangers. So I'll share something less personal. Five bishes were trying to jump my friend. A couple of roundhouse kicks can go a long way. :)

  • It was when I had to say a poem loud in front of around 80 people that were watching and not saying anything. @.@
    80 people staring, damn! @.@

    • That's a lot of people, not sure if I would have to been brave enough to do that! oO

    • I was 10 years old, I wasn't thinking. 😂
      I want my 10 years old braveness back! 😂

    • Haha oh I want a lot from my childhood back! 🙈

  • yeah there were.. but i can;t tell them.. too personal.

  • There were many.. but some are too personal.

    I'd share

    • some less personal ones.

      It was in high school. I was pretty much known throughout the school, and I rarely got myself involved in disciplinary cases, people know that. But there was this one time where my national language teacher was freaking crazy, she accused our class of stealing money just because it's our class fund and we were the last one to see it and she wanted to search our bag. She's also the discipline teacher. My friend, a guy, find it stupid and told her off. She scolded him back, so I got up and told her she doesn't have the rights to check our bag. Soon, my entire gang stood up against her. Then the whole class did. Obviously, we were handed over to the discipline unit of the school, but only our gang tho. I was known as the rebel ever since then, a good one thankfully.