Is it a bad idea to study two languages at once?

I really want to learn French and Japanese. I've started working on Japanese for a few months now, so I know some of the basics, and I'm starting to want to learn some French, but I'm afraid it's just going to fill my head up with too much information. On the other hand I figured since they're both pretty different for the most part it wouldn't hurt. Should I just wait?


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  • I've studied 3 languages at the same time before, as long as they are not similar you should be able to remember what goes in which language.


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  • Since they're pretty different it shouldn't be a huge problem. I took Spanish and German together and didn't have too much of an issue. Since its just beginning levels it shouldn't be a big deal. It just might be a lot to juggle if you eventually taking advanced classes for both of them - you might eventually have to choose which you prefer but for now you should be ok. 😊