Is questioning your sexuality normal?

Ever since I was 16 I started questioning my sexuality, I've looked at girls body and kind of admired them from a far, I do that the same with guys, the past year or two I've been wondering what it's like to kiss a girl, I have moments like these every so often. I tell myself I like guys which I do and have my whole life and then I thought I don't like them and I might like girls.. I go back and forth every so often and I don't know what I should do.


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  • You're probably bi-curious. It's completely normal to have doubts about your sexuality.


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  • I hate questions like these because women can questions their sexuality but not men. For example, if I am bisexual women will find me appalling but if you are men will love you.


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  • I'd been questioning my sexuality since I was in pre-school. Seriously. I knew I was bi from the beginning. I figured out I definitely was when I turned 16 and met a girl who I was totally into. I never told her how I felt, but we remained friends which was okay with me.