Do you think people are becoming too serious thus losing their sense of humour?

Over the years I've noticed people getting butt hurt too quickly and most people can't even take a joke.

the other day there was a picture of a random ginger kid saying 'My girlfriend told me to get my giger kid ready for school so I punched him in the face and stole his lunch money'

But everyone in the comments was saying it was pure evil etc... Even though that never even happened.. Also on the ginger haired people thing.. I have no problem with them and think it would be stupid if people did.

I remember seeing something on TV about trolls could possibly get fined for trolling... Its the internet if people get butt hurt then why are they even on it?

I've seen a lot of this butt hurtedness everywhere

so do you think people are losing their sense of humour?


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  • I think people, I mean most of them, have forgatten human interaction. So they are so easily offended by everything.
    They do not get jokes?
    For example When you say something about gays, do not get me wrong, I am ok with gays lol, you become an homophobic?
    Or when you make a comment about their body; for example how I look questions;they say you are judgemental?
    So hey why do you ask? Like really. Why do you consume my time for nothing?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes. It feels impossible to make a joke and not offend someone.
    Do a joke about bananas and someone will jump in saying that's offensive, and will end up starting a new blog on Tumblr about how bananas are underrated and should be treated with respect.

    But fuck it, if my humor offend you, you know where the door's at.


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  • Just because people are bored or a certain type of joke doesn't mean they don' havea sense of humor. Why not try jokes that don't put other people down?

    • I do understand that but those other jokes that don't actually put others down.. Look at puns for example.. Most people I know hate them and don't find anything funny

    • man good puns are hilarious. If someone doesn't appreciate that, there's really no helping them.

  • I agree with you, I believe people are too easily offended, particularly in regards to sexism and racism

    • I agree. I don't know about others, but I find sexist jokes pretty funny, even those that are against us guys. It's just a joke, there's no need to feel offended, but there's a reason why they get offended, it's cause they identify with it.

    • @AleDeEurope Exactly, I find that sort of humour funny too. In fact, you could go as far to say that by being offended you give the person who said whatever it was more power, whereas if you dont care then what they say has less impact

  • yes i think so.

  • I think people are just less likely to grin and bear jokes they secretly think are offensive but don't want to seem whiny by calling out the offensive joke. People don't take that shit anymore.

    As a red head I don't think that particular joke is funny. It's not particularly offensive it's just stupid.


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  • Well we live in an age of hyper sensitivity. This is to be expected

  • Everyone wants to be fucking offended nowadays. It's pathetic.

  • no I don't think people are losing their senses of humor.

  • No I disagree. I think people joke a lot more than they used to. Sure the media likes to debate on stuff, but people care less and less about that and say what they want anyway.