Do you think my guy bestfriend lied to me?

Ok so the guy bestfriend that I told some of you people, the guy that follows me, I think he lied to me because he wanted me to take a picture with me to show his mom because she wanted to see what I looked like and my guy bestfriend said that she said that I was pretty. BUT this guy named Marcus had asked me if I was going out with my guy bestfriend and I said "no?" and then the guy said "well he had you on his homescreen and had you named as "Bae". I was very shocked when he said that because I think he lied to me and that's really cruel. So do you think my guy bestfriend lied to me?


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  • I think he's more lying to his MOM about having a girlfriend. Don't blow up just yet, some mom's can be really emotionally abusive to their sons.

    Bring it up in a way that's safe for him to admit it and apologize so you can find out what's up and deal with it like friends should.


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  • ... Well he had you on his homescreen and called you named as "Bae."...
    This is the 'Guy bestfriend' that has this big crush on You and now, because he still has these feelings even of Respect for you, he has put you at the top of his list by putting you on the front of his cell so he can tell everyone that you are his baby.
    In essence he has 'Lied' by letting people Think you are two birds of a feather, so if you know what you do now, set him straight and tell him please, do not do this, I am not your 'Bae' anything, I'm just your friend.
    If he refuses to do it, then you will have to keep going behind his back to everyone knows you as 'Bae' and is spelling it to you.
    He is putting a monkey wrench into this friendship by making the whole school believe you are in this love nest together. xx
    Good luck. xx


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  • No i don't think he lied to you. But so what if he did? Not a big deal. Please tell me and sincerely, what if your guy best friend asked you and wanted both of you to date each other, would you say yes or not?

  • OMFG that's too much. He's becoming a crazy stalker. That's CREEPY as f***. You should definitely do something about it if you don't reject him like seriously he wouldn't stop. He might think you are being too shy he probably thinks you like him back.

    • I know right D: thanks

  • I would ask him and find out to be honest. but be very careful about it


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  • Mayb he does like u

    But still... Id b very careful of someone that does something like that behind ur back.

    Id b weary of a guy like that (bcause it might mean he has no problem doing other things too behind ur back) and honestly it would turn me off of seeing him as boyfriend material.

    He can also just b very insecure about himself and need constant affirmation from other people when it comes to girls. I mean, this is a stage when guys are still learning who they are in the dating game.

    Confront him and tell him u thought that was very sneaky of him and ask him why he did it.

    Then I think ud be able to make a better assessment of the kind of person he really is.

    • Thanks

    • No problem

      I prefer guys that are straightforward with me. Therefore the reason for me to say: It would change my mind about seeing him as boyfriend material.

      Nd Good luck :)

  • I don't think he lied to you, but he might like you, I mean he put you as "Bae". Okay I'm confused is this guy your boyfriend?

    P. s.
    I rarely read my private messages, or I reply very late :/

    • No he's not my boyfriend, my boyfriend is another guy

  • I don't think so.

    • Oh ok thanks for answering