Any answer will help. I am so lonely and have no real friends and my parents really can't stand me and I can't stand them. Help?

I am a senior in high school. I have moved my whole life and I started school this year at the same school as last year. I have no freinds and it is miserable. I am shy and awkward but not weird. I am really chilled out and know how to extend conversations even though I don't enjoy it. I try to put on a front when people talk to me and act happy when I am truly miserable. I cannot talk to my parents because we really don't get along. I come from a divorced family and it is a struggle living with either of them. At lunch during school, I usually just do homework in the library. After school, I either do the same thing or just drive around alone or go to an empty parking lot and write bars. I don't do sports because I really don't enjoy the sports they offer. I don't feel too inspired by my classes. I have dysgraphia which means my handwriting is shit. I have ADD but I don't take any treatment for either because of judgement. I was thinking of getting the ADD diagnosis and selling the adderall pills. Our insurance is part of the job so I am not harming my family, only a big corparation. I cannot find people I really relate to. I cannot be a nerd, I dress pretty nice and if I was popular, I would probably be in the convo for best dressed. I also don't do nerdy things. I cannot be a jock because my sport is rock climbing. I cannot find a medium at the school. I used to get along with the girls because they are more understanding but they got bored of me. Its not like I'm too ugly to have freinds, a lot of people think I am cute. But nobody approaches me to hangout. I feel like people are trying to get something for me. I can't talk to my teachers because they think I am a lazy piece of shit even though I study quite a bit but manage to get shitty grades and ace tests. I can't get a job because my parents want me to study and do sports. I use music as my escape. There is a girl I like and she used to like me but she lost interest. She is super popular but nice to me. Help

Thanks guys for answering. The reason I am so negative is because that is how I feel. I am telling you the facts and how I truly feel. I just want some advice to help me fit in. I am not an outsider but am treated like one. When I am in the hallway, people I know say hi and the girl I liked always say hi but I can't do anything about my loneliness. I feel like I am losing my last lifelines. What should I do?


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  • too much "i can't "here , first u should throw away those thoughts about u dont say u r miserable to not look so to other people , the only limits in ur life is the one you set to urself so find ur hapiness inside and show it to people they will apreciate you


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  • Number one, lots of people your age are in situations similar to yours.

    Number two, I think your perception is not quite right in many of the things you've said. Things can easily seem way worse than they are, and I suspect that, to some extent, that is the case for you right now.

    But that insight in itself will not help you much, I know. So just take it easy, man. When you get to college--especially if you go to a big school--you'll find groups of people who share your outlook, feelings and interests. That's when life really gets interesting for most people. Adulthood is way better in many ways than the high school life, I can tell you.

    But take it in stride. You'll do great. Good luck.


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  • I know this was one months ago... but this is kind of like reading about my life. No friends since i was 10/11 and can't communicate with most of my family. I want to give you a hug :/ Being social awkward is almost a death sentence.

    My boyfriend is the only person who used time to get to know me even if our conversations had tons of awkward silences at the start and i avoided him a lot which he suprisingly didn't notice lol...

    Loners like us needs that others take at least a little bit of interest to talk to us... I mean people who are not shy doesn't understand this. I hope someone use time to get to know you and that you really try too get to know people who want to talk to you too...

    Uhh... Anyway. I really liked this video:

    Hang in there ;) My brother in loneliness~

  • Awww I am sooo sorry Sweetie!!!:'(:'( That is very sad! I will be your friend if you want me too:)) You shouldn't have to live your life like this, it is very heart breaking :'(


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  • You're too negative. Some people get dealt a shitty hand, and the best thing to do is own the occasion and become a better person from their situations.