How does social anixety affect you it if you have it?

I know this guy who has it yet he has kind of latched on to me when he panic he looks for reassurance is this common in social anxiety I have never had it or experienced it. I lack understanding on it.


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  • I don't mind big crowds, but I hate any kind of attention. I get nervous when people look at me, talk to me, when I eat in public, etc. I'm very awkward in conversations and just stay silent even when I would have a lot to say. You'd have to be very patient with me until I'm comfortable enough to have a normal conversation with you. But I'd also be very grateful for that patience.


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  • You feel like you can;t do anything without being judged.


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  • I have it a little and it causes me to hesitate a lot more than other people might, or worry about offending people. And due to it I need some reassurance from time to time. But in your friends case, eventually he'll catch on that he's annoying you and then might start to avoid you (or at least I would).

  • My friend has it and basically he gets really hot and sweaty and nervous and he goes all red and embarrassed and can't find any words to say. He also feels awkward talking about it so I don't know.