Is texting someone everyday clingy?

Am I being clingy if I text someone almost everyday to see how their day went and such? We live in 2 different states he originally started flirting with me. Went to visit and now I'm home. I'm doing the initiating now basically all thr time. I text him in the afternoon to see how he is and what's going on. Does that sound like it to you?


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  • Could just be me personally but i wouldn't mind it, i don't get the whole clingy idea i mean if you're asking every aspect of everything and following me round in a ghillie suit then it gets a little awkward, but i think it's pretty nice to know someone cares to ask how you are/day went and such so from my perspective it sounds good, plus you're in different states, maybe try a phone call every now and then, i do know how you feel though about the always initiating and the best advice i can give you is don't let it get to you, i mean if it does irritate you somewhat then bring it up next time you guys meet... good luck i hope it turns into something and works for you guys :)

    • Thanks!! I hope so too. i would think it shows that I care. Like I said he initiated it first. He sent me flowers and came off strong. I went to visit had an amazing time he treated me like a girlfriend. I came home we both initiated. He sent me stuff I left there had a note saying miss ya. And now it's me initiating. When I left he said he wasn't ready for anything. He's been cheated on in a previous relationship. Maybe he's letting me pursue to see if I really care I don't know. Just seems like he's backing off and I don't like it. Could be the state difference, not ready or scared I don't know

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    • I know the situation all to well, as the one that lasted a year i met her a month after i had been cheated on, and it was tough to open up i guess, but she cheered me up in a way no one else had or could and it got better, unfortunately it was complicated not too much but eventually she told me she didn't feel the same way and now we're friends but she's different and cold towards me, she has some issues nothing i'd ever doubt her for but if she wasn't happy then it's her issue... it still hurts yes but i'm a positive guy and people have helped even someone on here too tbh, yes i too hate games like that i think you should just be able to text/talk as much as you guys are happy, if you're busy say so... etc etc, i can't give you a magical answer on how to do it or how much to text or not to text you know him the best so go with your gut and heart, i think a good heart to heart would do you guys good if you're both like that? find out his stance, let him know yours and move on from there :)

    • Thanks! Yes it does sound like he likes me. i mean the way he acted seems like it. You wouldn't just treat someone you want to per say only have sex with the way he treated me. He def might just be scared. My friends the one who told me about the cheating and he told me about not trusting anyone but I still found out. I do enjoy texting him and he always responds quickly and when he wants to not reply he doesn't and that is ok. i will try to mention it to him to go visit soon I hope he says yes. Like I said he wrote that note when he sent me my shoes that said miss ya but I'm just so lost. I do really like him and want something. It could be the distance and I am planning on hopefully moving down there in the next month or so if I can find somewhere for myself. a new start but he would be a plus to it. It could also be that maybe he thinks it's rushing it. lime maybe he didn't think I'd catch feelings as soon as I did and he got scared

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  • I know the feeling.. 😔

    • Ugh it sucks!! Especially when he initiated the flirting with me and sent me flowers and such. I went and visited with him and had a great time. He treated me like a girlfriend and took care of me. At the end I asked what it was and he said he wasn't ready for anything. My friend told me he been cheated on and he doesn't trust. I came home and it was both initiating. Like goodnight texts and goodmorning. he sent me my stuff had a note that said miss ya.. And now it's me initiating it which I don't get. Everything was amazing and now this I know he likes me but I'm so confused

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    • Yeah I hate this!! I enjoying texting him but I know he prob wouldn't text me. I sometimes don't text him all weekend until like Sunday night and we talk about the weekend. I just don't know how it went from him doing it all the time and me going there and coming home and now me doing it all. Like I said I don't know if he's scared and def not ready or like the distance. I really can't tell.

    • Well I think you should take a break.. and if he doesn't text you then discuss this with him..


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  • Since u always initiate , it is. it doesn't matter though who starts if it's equal
    now u make everything easy to the guy and ur value decreased u have to cut texting off and see what kind of reactions u get from him

    • My value decreased? I guess meaning since he chased after me and now has me basically he doesn't have to try so hard anymore because he knows I will. Well I'm still lost as what to do. When I visited he was amazing and treated me like his girlfriend. However when we talked before I left he said he wasn't ready for anything. My friend told me he had been cheated on in past relationship and really doesn't trust. We both live in different states for now. He sent me a package that I left there and wrote a note saying miss ya. I'm just not sure how he feels and a bit confused. I know the feelings are there but I don't know how he's feeling since the past and maybe just scared? Since I got feelings back for him

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    • He started to text u to get u to text him and now u have to get him to text u back
      It's a game , some nasty game
      Until u are a couple it doesn't matter who initiates..
      Just slow it down a little bit.. he won't run away and if he runs for such a text message then he's not the guy u think he is

    • Ugh that is a horrible game we all at. Especially since he initiated then I went and visited had this amazing week with all these feelings and such but him saying not ready and now me texting a lot. It's all so silly. Wish we could just quit this stupid crap and get right to it and try something out

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  • It sounds a little clingy but as long as he is responding and not taking forever respond you should be good

    • He responds pretty quick. Usually in a few minutes and if he's busy he responds when he has a chance and when he just doesn't want to talk I guess doesn't or stops texting

  • i don't think its clingy at all

    • Thanks I hope it's not. Like I said he was the one to initially start flirting with me and he was texting or iming me everyday. I went to visit had an amazing week of him treating me like a girlfriend but he wasn't ready for anything. Now I'm home and a few weeks ago we both initiated and now it's me more so. I was thinking maybe he's scared to start something. He was cheated on in previous relationships