Do you think conficts and voilence created in the world due to religion, politics and other issues is just human nature?

Do you think life would be boring without conflicts and there are conflicts just because its in our blood?


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  • It's not about boredom, it's about social dynamics. Most people have an ideal place in the social hierarchy where they would feel comfortable. Unfortunately it's generally a few steps above where they are so they jostle to get higher. Most of the trouble is an out growth of this simple tendency.

    The tendency is built into all social animals so there is always someone ready to take the lead should something happen to the leader. In a small group of hunter gatherers such as humans were for most of our evolution it works really well. It causes trouble when we organize into very large groups and there aren't enough leadership positions to go around and what there are are tend to be assigned less for desire (as they would be in a small group) and more for other reasons.


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  • I wish we didn't have any of that.