What should I do?

Everyone keeps telling me he likes me but I still don't know for sure. I mean he initiated a hug with me the first time we met and we've hugged ever since. He is just really shy and not that confident. I don't care if he rejects me. I'm just curious do you think he will be creeper out if he found out I like him?


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  • No why would that be creepy? Just ask him out yourself if he's too shy.


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  • No, he won't think you're a creeper if you admit to liking him.

    I'm positive you have to do a heck of a lot more than a simple "I like you" for someone to think you are one.
    Just tell him that you do.
    Whether he rejects you or not at least you would have gotten things off of your chest.
    It's great you're thinking about taking the initiative and telling him first.
    People that are extremely shy have a very hard time doing so... so it's great you're taking the lead.
    I wish you well!


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  • i dont thik he'll b creeped out. he might be a little more shy, tho. but he mihgt like it and feel more confident. could really go either way :)

  • I don't think he will be creeped out at all.