Dallas or Orlando?

I am going to move to the states but i have to decide if i should move eiter to florida or dallas! I already lived in orlando and i liked it. But i wonder how these two citys compare?


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  • Orlando FL is better. I live in Miami and Its the best in the world


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  • Well, since you've been to Orlando, you know about the heat and humidity. I do like how diverse it is... there is so much to do! Dallas has better weather for me, except tornadoes. But there isn't as much to do. If you don't mind the weather, I say go for Orlando out of the two cities you've asked about.

    • But I've heard dallas is crazy humid in the summer. isn't there more to do in dallas than it is in Orlando?

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    • Yes i have actually worked at disney world 🙈😂 the humidity surprisely wasn't that bad for me, mainly because everywhere there is AC! My husband is Asian though and in dallas they got korea town so maybe thats something to consider

    • That's pretty cool! I've lived in so many different climates, I prefer the dry cooler ones. I live in Los Angeles now and love it so far. They have a Koreatown here, it's quite nice. I love the food and the shops are nice. They also have Little Tokyo and Chinatown. I love the diversity here... there's a lot more.

      It can get hot... but not really humid. It's not a far drive to the beach for some fresh sea air. The drive north into wine country is beautiful. So far, one of my favorite places to live. We have Disneyland and Whimsical Alley, but it's not Disney World or MWoHP. They are expanding the parks later, for a Toy Story park, Wild West, and Star Wars themed areas, so that's exciting.

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  • I guess it comes down to going somewhere you're familiar with or try something new. I liked Orlando the few times I've been there, never been to Dallas though.


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  • orlando is better!