Guys and dolls how would you feel or do if they told you that you have only a month to live?

Me I would want to travel as much as I can and be a slut lol but I would wanna write a letter about how I feel... I would probably do something crazy like sky diving or some shit.. and smoke crystal meth ha ha


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  • 1 month? Sheesh, well I'd gather my most logical friends to start planning things for me. I'm dying so I sure as fuck are not going to spend my few remaining hours booking cool stuff to do. That would be their gift to me.

    I'd try LSD, Molly, shrooms, all those crazy drugs, but that would probably be around day 28-31 when I'm really starting to lose it.

    I'd try and hit ever milestone in life. Hopefully my girlfriend would go walk to remember with me and let me marry her.

    I'd also probably try to pull of a heist on my last day, cause if I get caught who cares?

    • Whoo hoo let's go to VEGAS and get fucked up

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  • I'd fuck fuck and fuck


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  • Travel, help people in need, and do more religious things.