Can you spin a basketball on the palm of your hand?

NOT on yer fingers…

But spin it on da palm of yer hand instead:

Can you spin a basketball on the palm of your hand?

^just hold da basketball like dat…and spin it on yer palm…can u do it?


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  • I imagine the answer is no. I'm pretty sure it just slows down too fast to spin.
    The reason you can spin the basketball on your fingers is because there is only a small amount of friction contact between fingers and ball. That, combined with the centripetal force (not centrifugal) and balance keeps the ball on your finger.

    However, with a palm, the friction is exponentially increased. The palm of ones hand has a significant amount of surface area in compared to a finger. I played basketball for a bit way back and I know that when someone throws a fast spinning ball at you and you catch it and slow it with a palm, it will continue spinning for a slight duration before quickly slowing down. Basically the friction overcomes the force of the ball moving.

    So pretty much... No. You can't spin the ball like a finger. The friction is too great.

    • actually a friend of mine could do it for a few secs...

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    • Haha maybe your friend is a basketball wizard xD

    • Thanks for MHO


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  • I don't know basketball at all so most likely no unless I fluke the technique somehow.

  • I don't know but let's ball lol

  • I'm not black.

    • u don't have to be black to spin a ball...