Anyone else addicted to sleeping pills?

If i haven't had something to drink, ill at least think i need sleping pills to sleep. I just use an over the counter sleep aid called doxylamine (brand names will vary, this is the name of the drug) but i take 2-3 times the recommeded dose, it's a first generation antihistimine that is the strongest over the counter sedative in Europe and the States.


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  • I was obsessed with Melatonin, but then my body got used to it so it doesn't work on me anymore. :/ I'm not allowed to have prescribed sleeping medication anymore...

    • Melatonin is over the counter in most countries, very weak in my opinion

    • Yeah, I know Melatonin is over the counter, but I'm not allowed to have any prescribed sleeping medication right now so sucks for me since I'm an insomniac.

    • Take doxylamine or diphenhydramine, they are over the counter and will put you to sleep far more efficiently than melatonin

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  • I don't and have never used any drugs, so no.

    • You haven't used paracetamol? aspirin? any form of cough mixture etc? they are all drugs, most in the same pharmaceutical class as the sleeping tablet i am addicted to.

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    • For medication, yes. But not due to addiction.

    • I am just responding to "have never taken any drugs". It's still for medication as i use them to sleep , not for recreational use, but yes! it is also addiction.


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  • I never tried a sleeping pill. My dad won't let me.

    I think you should not take too many of it.

    • I would if i could sleep soundly without them, but i am at the point where i crush them and snort them (it makes the bio availability 3x as much, so 3 times stronger for the same dose).

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    • That is a bad idea, i am on the strongest sleeping aid you can get without a prescription, a doctor would put me on a benzodiazepine drug, most likely diazapam or temazapam, if i get a addicted to that, it would be way worse.

  • i was at one point.

    • What was the active ingredient

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