I got stood up, he wants a second chance?

So I am on this dating app and on Wednesday last week this guy messaged me, he told me that he really wanted to meet me and he even offered picking me up I wanted to hang out two days later, but I was busy but we planned to watch a movie on Saturday. But when we were supose to meet I didn't hear anything from him before 45 min later when he told me he left his phone at his friends house, that he was sorry and that he was on his way. After 20 more min I was trying to find someone else to hang out with , 45 more min , he messaged me saying he was in town and asked where I was. I told him I was at this bar so he asked if we could hang out on Sunday instead.. Long story short we didn't meet up that night.

But today he messaged this: this is what happend on saturday: i droped my phone and my screen broke at my friends house so I had problems messaging you (he sendt a pic of his damaged screen) im really sorry, I hope you can forrige me. I promise it won't happen again and if you still wanna go out I promise to be there early "

Am I being naive for considering going? Do you think he's bullshitting?

by the way he is paying. . So the only thing I rusk by going is time


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  • No. I dont believe in second chance. He hurts u in the past and he's crawling back to u? Do u even know what he's done after he broke up with u? He could be tasting sum other cuties and than came crawling back to u. Smh for the naive cuties like this who believe in the so called 'second chance' 😒

    • Im talking about one first date.. he's not getting in my pants

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  • Don't do it!


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  • I agree with the guy underneath my answer it he does it twice lose him.
    I had happen to me with a girl I was waiting for her outside the shop for about an hour she never showed. got back checked my facebook and she sent me a message like 2 in the morning saying that she didn't want to go out thats BS

  • I believe in second chances. And don't listen to these people with no second chances. If he does it again consecutively than dump him. Show him some flexibility otherwise you will regret it. And if he does that again and you meet him slap him as well.

  • I think you should give another chance

  • It doesn't matter. One of two things is true:

    1) He's lying, and you don't want to be with someone who will constantly mislead you.

    2) He's telling you the truth, and his life really is that much of a mess, and he really does have that much difficulty managing his time properly.

    Bottom line, do you really want a guy like that in your life?


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