Shouldn't religion only exist to promote peace?

I strongly believe that if religion were honest and serious, it would be concentrating its effort on promoting peace between nationalities, tribes, ethnic groups, you name it instead of strengthening its own group ego as "God's chosen ones".

Pope Francis is a great exception to this that other religionists should follow.

Religion is a joke today - I'm sure Jesus would approve of the Crusades or the failures of Christianity to prevent the Holocaust and Nazi Germany. Same goes with Islam or any other religion.


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  • If religion was honest and serious, it would be called "science." The whole problem is that they DO promote peace, they just have different ideas on how that is acheived.

    • Don't all religions believe in a "Higher Power"? Wouldn't it be appropriate then to call this Higher Power a common Father? How can one religion say that my Higher Power is higher than your Higher Power?

    • Yes, meanwhile they are most likely all wrong. I ask how as well, yet it is happening, and has been for thousands of years.


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  • I don't really care, it's all mumbo jumbo anyway.

  • "I'm a fictional character"


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  • Religion is not the problem... it is primal human nature.

  • the original purpose of religion was to try and explain how and why the world work, and to tell us what happens when we die. that was it, no where does it say to promote peace. the best way to achieve peace would be to get rid of religion

    • and atheism

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    • but do you see your contradiction here, If you believe in god and have religion by definition you can't be an atheist, and vise versa. the really isn't an in between here

    • I faith is that God is my Father and I don't need to join a religion to prove that.