Having a pet while at university? Good or bad?

Long story short I'm moving out of my house in a years time to go to university someplace, haven't decided where, but I'm looking into places up and down the UK.

I have three dogs at home currently but with things how they are it'll cause a lot of stress with them, they bark quite loudly, and are rather possesive, we used to have a rabbit which we kept outside, I wasn't too happy with that because it oftenly got fairly cold, that was five years ago.

I've always wanted another pet rabbit and I had the thought about keeping it in a hutch in my dormroom, I'm not much of a party-guy or really that outgoing, so I will probably be spending most of my time in my dorm outside of work, somebody to help keep me company whilst doing my media studies.

Would you think this is a good idea?


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  • Yeah its a fine idea.


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  • Well if you're home a lot then its up to you. Worrying about yourself when you first go off to college is a difficult task itself. Hold off at least a year and see how you feel then.


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  • depends on the rules of the uni... check them out. but to be honest, many may say no.