Is there anything to stop me farting?

Okay so I have a man staying with me tonight and I have this problem of wind I fart constantly I don't want this tonight and all night worried scared to move incase I fart. Is there anything that will stop this?


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  • In all honesty I would not care if a girl was farting when around me because of the fact I am not going to judge a girl for doing a natural bodily function. However, I can see why you want to stop it at the same time. Maybe make sure you don't need to go to the bathroom or go before he gets to your house if you can this will help reduce the farting probably. :)


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  • I can relate. I had this the other day after a egg & tomato breakfast. I nearly blew a hole in the wall.

    The only thing that worked for me was peppermint tea and lots of room temperature water.

    I hope you get it sorted before tonight.

    • It's so embarrsing haha and thank you

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    • @Applefan1 Hun, let it go, let it go ! If you want to share, then please do.

    • Ok I will but I will PM you if that is ok. That way I don't give lots of notifications to the asker. :)

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  • Diet, Emotions (anxiety and the like?)

    Change, reflect on.

    Learn to relax.

    Probably won't get it solved in a night...

  • Ever one farts 😂😂😂


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  • Consuming carbonated drinks, soda, beer and others will cause your intestines to be filled with more air than they should be. If you can reduce carbonated beverages, you will find your farting problem greatly reduced.

    Good luck.

  • You won't be able to stop it by tonight, unless you've got some imodium or somethibg similar, which may help.

    Long term, you should see a gastroenterologist about your problem, you may have some sort of digestive disorder.

  • try not to eat foods that cause gas. like beans.